Our Ice Cream

From the beginning, we decided to go all the way organic, not only by using the best organic cream, from Straus Family Creamery. By using their cream base, we ensure we get the best organic ingredients consistently: milk, eggs, sugar, and that they have all been processed and pasteurized properly. Simply put, we trust their quality. And we use also their milk and whipping cream in our milkshakes and sundaes.

But no only do we use organic cream, but we make sure all the other ingredients are organic as well.

Our vanilla beans, our saffron, almonds, figs, cocoa, to name a few, are all organic because that's the best way for us to be sure we are offering you the purest ingredients. No GMO's, no chemicals,  no artificial extracts.

We do not use any gums, fillers, artificial colors or flavorings in our ice cream. What you taste is the actual taste of the fruits and spices we use. That's why the texture of our ice cream varies from one flavor to another: for our Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream and the Coconut Tahitian Vanilla, we use whole vanilla beans, not extract.

Our Frozen Yogurt

Our organic, coconut milk based Frozen Yogurt is the perfect vegan alternative to ice cream. Again, we use only organic ingredients to flavor it.

Our Prices

You may wonder why can we maintain our prices so low. There are many factors that allow us to do so. From the start, we wanted to offer an affordable yet top quality organic product to the families in our neighborhood. So we started by keeping a low margin of profit. Also, since we are direct importers of some of the most expensive ingredients used in ice cream, we obtain them at a better price.  Another reason is that we own our space. Almost 30 years ago, we decided to make the Mission our home and we bought our property on Valencia Street. We chose to live and set our business here, and later, raise our daughter here too, simply because we loved the richness of this neighborhood. As every body knows, rents have gone up, so prices all around have gone up too. But we decided to keep our prices low and  pass on the returns of that investment to our customers, our families, our seniors.


Xanath Ice Cream | 951 Valencia St. San Francisco CA 94110 | 415-648-8996